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The Great PayGo Tour
When you're considering a solution to run your business, there's no better way to learn about it than to see it in action. So we're showcasing PayGo in select Apple stores in the month of June. PayGo works great on Macintosh computers, and we couldn't be more delighted than to show off its capabilities while surrounded by hundreds of Macs.

We're coming to these cities to show how PayGo stacks up:

Bloomington, MN - 6/19 - 1 PM
Chicago, IL - 6/20 - 1 PM
Oak Brook, IL - 6/21 - 1 PM
Schaumburg, IL - 6/22 - 1 PM
Wauwatosa, WI - 6/23 - 1 PM
San Francisco, CA - 6/26 - 1 PM
Walnut Creek, CA - 6/27 - 3 PM
Glendale, CA - 6/28 - 1 PM
Los Angeles, CA - 6/29 - 1 PM
Newport Beach, CA - 6/30 - 1 PM
What is PayGo? Who Makes it? What can it do? How can you get it?

All of these questions will be answered when you attend. You'll use your own eyes to see PayGo do its retail magic. We'll also show you how PayGo interacts with your web site. Lastly, we'll show some examples of OpenSorta and how you can use your creative powers to make PayGo do whatever you dream up.

The Presenter

The President and Co-founder himself, Chris Peterson, will be high-lighting PayGo and its special powers. He's not quite as entertaining as a stand-up comedian, but come watch him try to be humorous during his presentation. That in itself is funny!


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